Constituency Forecast (Scotland By Majority): May 6th 2015.
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Constituency Majority% Candidate 1 Party 1 Votes 1 Candidate 2 Party 2 Votes 2 Candidate 3 Party 3 Votes 3 Gain Info Majority% Prev Winner Prev Win Party Incumbency Info Swing Info Swing%
Glenrothes CC 0.20% Peter Grant SNP 19029 Melanie Ward Labour 18946 Alex Stewart-Clark Conservative 2535 SNP Gain From Lab 0.20% Lindsay Roy Labour Stood Down Lab to SNP 20.41
East Renfrewshire CC 0.46% Jim Murphy Labour 19168 Kirsten Oswald SNP 18934 David Montgomery Conservative 10849 Lab Hold 0.46% Jim Murphy Labour Re-elected Lab to SNP 20.73
Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk CC 0.65% John Lamont Conservative 14607 Michael Moore Lib. Dem. 14288 Calum Kerr SNP 14243 Con Gain From LD 0.65% Michael Moore Lib. Dem. Defeated LD to Con 6.12
Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill BC 0.96% Phil Boswell SNP 19300 Tom Clarke Labour 18898 Mhairi Fraser Conservative 2660 SNP Gain From Lab 0.96% Tom Clarke Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 25.36
Inverclyde CC 2.47% Ronnie Cowan SNP 16356 Iain McKenzie Labour 15431 George Jabbour Conservative 4260 SNP Gain From Lab 2.47% Iain McKenzie Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 11.62
Edinburgh South BC 3.12% Neil Hay SNP 15769 Ian Murray Labour 14409 Miles Briggs Conservative 7163 SNP Gain From Lab 3.12% Ian Murray Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 15.1
Rutherglen and Hamilton West BC 3.99% Tom Greatrex Labour 21387 Margaret Ferrier SNP 19512 Taylor Muir Conservative 4137 Lab Hold 3.99% Tom Greatrex Labour Re-elected Lab to SNP 20.36
Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath CC 4.37% Roger Mullin SNP 21276 Kenny Selbie Labour 19280 Dave Dempsey Conservative 3485 SNP Gain From Lab 4.37% Gordon Brown Labour Stood Down Lab to SNP 27.3
Dumfries and Galloway CC 5.28% Richard Arkless SNP 18725 Finlay Carson Conservative 15977 Russell Brown Labour 14812 SNP Gain From Lab 5.28% Russell Brown Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 20.56
Dunfermline and West Fife CC 5.47% Douglas Chapman SNP 18726 Thomas Docherty Labour 16050 Gillian Cole-Hamilton Lib. Dem. 9983 SNP Gain From Lab 5.47% Thomas Docherty Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 20.55
Glasgow North West BC 5.78% Carol Monaghan SNP 16087 John Robertson Labour 14024 Roger Lewis Conservative 3042 SNP Gain From Lab 5.78% John Robertson Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 22.28
Paisley and Renfrewshire North CC 6.03% Gavin Newlands SNP 19629 Jim Sheridan Labour 16994 John Anderson Conservative 6106 SNP Gain From Lab 6.03% Jim Sheridan Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 20.49
Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale CC 7.84% Emma Harper SNP 18151 David Mundell Conservative 14569 Archie Dryburgh Labour 7975 SNP Gain From Con 7.84% David Mundell Conservative Defeated Con to SNP 17.55
Glasgow North East BC 8.12% Willie Bain Labour 14573 Anne McLaughlin SNP 12178 Annie Wells Conservative 1238 Lab Hold 8.12% Willie Bain Labour Re-elected Lab to SNP 23.05
Paisley and Renfrewshire South CC 8.28% Mhairi Black SNP 19944 Douglas Alexander Labour 16645 Fraser Galloway Conservative 2463 SNP Gain From Lab 8.28% Douglas Alexander Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 24.91
Motherwell and Wishaw BC 8.66% Marion Fellows SNP 19433 Frank Roy Labour 16031 Meghan Gallacher Conservative 2663 SNP Gain From Lab 8.66% Frank Roy Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 25.81
West Dunbartonshire CC 8.73% Martin Docherty SNP 21248 Gemma Doyle Labour 17544 Maurice Corry Conservative 3025 SNP Gain From Lab 8.73% Gemma Doyle Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 24.96
Airdrie and Shotts CC 9.17% Neil Gray SNP 17473 Pamela Nash Labour 14172 Eric Holford Conservative 2837 SNP Gain From Lab 9.17% Pamela Nash Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 21.89
East Dunbartonshire CC 9.86% John Nicolson SNP 18939 Jo Swinson Lib. Dem. 14228 Amanjit Jhund Labour 8141 SNP Gain From LD 9.86% Jo Swinson Lib. Dem. Defeated LD to SNP 19.01
Glasgow Central BC 9.94% Alison Thewliss SNP 14272 Anas Sarwar Labour 11222 Cass Macgregor Green 1966 SNP Gain From Lab 9.94% Anas Sarwar Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 22.22
North East Fife CC 11.19% Stephen Gethins SNP 16937 Tim Brett Lib. Dem. 12473 Huw Bell Conservative 6579 SNP Gain From LD 11.19% Menzies Campbell Lib. Dem. Stood Down LD to SNP 20.67
Glasgow East BC 11.49% Natalie McGarry SNP 16307 Margaret Curran Labour 12597 Andrew Morrison Conservative 1418 SNP Gain From Lab 11.49% Margaret Curran Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 24.15
Glasgow North BC 11.89% Patrick Grady SNP 13178 Ann McKechin Labour 9644 Martin Bartos Green 2760 SNP Gain From Lab 11.89% Ann McKechin Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 22.24
Ross, Skye and Lochaber CC 11.99% Ian Blackford SNP 16343 Charles Kennedy Lib. Dem. 12185 Lindsay McCallum Conservative 2512 SNP Gain From LD 11.99% Charles Kennedy Lib. Dem. Defeated LD to SNP 24.75
Lanark and Hamilton East CC 12.15% Angela Crawley SNP 21819 Jimmy Hood Labour 16162 Alex Allison Conservative 6687 SNP Gain From Lab 12.15% Jim Hood Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 20.55
Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock CC 12.32% Corri Wilson SNP 20075 Sandra Osborne Labour 14426 Lee Lyons Conservative 9852 SNP Gain From Lab 12.32% Sandra Osborne Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 20.71
Central Ayrshire CC 12.48% Philippa Whitford SNP 19808 Brian Donohoe Labour 14328 Marc Hope Conservative 8790 SNP Gain From Lab 12.48% Brian Donohoe Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 20.57
East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow CC 12.55% Lisa Cameron SNP 24682 Michael McCann Labour 18289 Graham Simpson Conservative 6193 SNP Gain From Lab 12.55% Michael McCann Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 20.51
Orkney and Shetland CC 12.61% Alistair Carmichael Lib. Dem. 9135 Danus Skene SNP 6696 Donald Cameron Conservative 1807 LD Hold 12.61% Alistair Carmichael Lib. Dem. Re-elected LD to SNP 19.41
East Lothian CC 12.64% George Kerevan SNP 20822 Fiona O'Donnell Labour 14607 David Roach Conservative 9559 SNP Gain From Lab 12.64% Fiona O'Donnell Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 20.59
Edinburgh North and Leith BC 12.70% Deidre Brock SNP 19865 Mark Lazarowicz Labour 13874 Iain McGill Conservative 6551 SNP Gain From Lab 12.70% Mark Lazarowicz Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 20.26
Edinburgh South West BC 13.39% Joanna Cherry SNP 18573 Ricky Henderson Labour 12488 Gordon Lindhurst Conservative 9323 SNP Gain From Lab 13.39% Alistair Darling Labour Stood Down Lab to SNP 22.03
Kilmarnock and Loudoun CC 14.26% Alan Brown SNP 23541 Cathy Jamieson Labour 16903 Brian Whittle Conservative 6117 SNP Gain From Lab 14.26% Cathy Jamieson Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 20.42
West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine CC 14.58% Stuart Donaldson SNP 18580 Alexander Burnett Conservative 11995 Sir Robert Smith Lib. Dem. 9589 SNP Gain From LD 14.58% Robert Smith Lib. Dem. Defeated LD to SNP 21.32
Glasgow South BC 15.01% Stewart McDonald SNP 19717 Tom Harris Labour 13678 Kyle Thornton Conservative 4141 SNP Gain From Lab 15.01% Tom Harris Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 23.29
Midlothian CC 15.11% Owen Thompson SNP 18699 Kenny Young Labour 12768 Michelle Ballantyne Conservative 4484 SNP Gain From Lab 15.11% David Hamilton Labour Stood Down Lab to SNP 20.74
Glasgow South West BC 15.90% Chris Stephens SNP 16592 Ian Davidson Labour 11560 Gordon McCaskill Conservative 1735 SNP Gain From Lab 15.90% Ian Davidson Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 31.03
Edinburgh West BC 16.31% Michelle Thomson SNP 18402 Lindsay Paterson Conservative 10822 Mike Crockart Lib. Dem. 10685 SNP Gain From LD 16.31% Michael Crockart Lib. Dem. Defeated LD to SNP 19.68
Aberdeen South BC 16.67% Callum McCaig SNP 16479 Anne Begg Labour 9303 Ross Thomson Conservative 8920 SNP Gain From Lab 16.67% Anne Begg Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 20.67
Linlithgow and East Falkirk CC 16.85% Martyn Day SNP 26481 Michael Connarty Labour 17808 Sandy Batho Conservative 5776 SNP Gain From Lab 16.85% Michael Connarty Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 20.63
Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East CC 16.96% Stuart McDonald SNP 22345 Gregg McClymont Labour 15342 Malcolm MacKay Conservative 2733 SNP Gain From Lab 16.96% Gregg McClymont Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 25.19
Stirling CC 17.11% Steven Paterson SNP 20773 Johanna Boyd Labour 12758 Stephen Kerr Conservative 11433 SNP Gain From Lab 17.11% Anne McGuire Labour Stood Down Lab to SNP 20.79
Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross CC 18.10% Paul Monaghan SNP 13816 John Thurso Lib. Dem. 8606 Alastair Graham Conservative 3784 SNP Gain From LD 18.10% John Thurso Lib. Dem. Defeated LD to SNP 20.16
Edinburgh East BC 18.34% Tommy Sheppard SNP 18650 Sheila Gilmore Labour 11337 James McMordie Conservative 4102 SNP Gain From Lab 18.34% Sheila Gilmore Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 20.68
Livingston CC 18.77% Hannah Bardell SNP 24930 Graeme Morrice Labour 15934 Chris Donnelly Conservative 4800 SNP Gain From Lab 18.77% Graeme Morrice Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 20.65
North Ayrshire and Arran CC 19.49% Patricia Gibson SNP 23540 Katy Clark Labour 14551 Jamie Greene Conservative 6808 SNP Gain From Lab 19.49% Katy Clark Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 20.47
Aberdeen North BC 20.81% Kirsty Blackman SNP 19901 Richard Baker Labour 12053 Sanjoy Sen Conservative 4819 SNP Gain From Lab 20.81% Frank Doran Labour Stood Down Lab to SNP 21.49
Gordon CC 20.94% Alex Salmond SNP 23212 Christine Jardine Lib. Dem. 12959 Colin Clark Conservative 7015 SNP Gain From LD 20.94% Malcolm Bruce Lib. Dem. Stood Down LD to SNP 17.39
Argyll and Bute CC 22.60% Brendan O'Hara SNP 21696 Alastair Redman Conservative 11477 Alan Reid Lib. Dem. 8924 SNP Gain From LD 22.60% Alan Reid Lib. Dem. Defeated LD to SNP 20.46
Falkirk CC 25.56% John McNally SNP 27971 Karen Whitefield Labour 14990 Alison Harris Conservative 5192 SNP Gain From Ind 25.56% Eric Joyce Independent
Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey CC 27.66% Drew Hendry SNP 24222 Danny Alexander Lib. Dem. 11147 Edward Mountain Conservative 5253 SNP Gain From LD 27.66% Danny Alexander Lib. Dem. Defeated LD to SNP 24.84
Ochil and South Perthshire CC 31.08% Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh SNP 27010 Gordon Banks Labour 11321 Luke Graham Conservative 10076 SNP Gain From Lab 31.08% Gordon Banks Labour Defeated Lab to SNP 20.68
Dundee West BC 31.80% Chris Law SNP 21817 Michael Marra Labour 9965 Nicola Ross Conservative 2745 SNP Gain From Lab 31.80% Jim McGovern Labour Stood Down Lab to SNP 25.7
Angus CC 36.05% Mike Weir SNP 24674 Derek Wann Conservative 10981 Calum Walker UKIP 1524 SNP Hold 36.05% Mike Weir SNP Re-elected Con to SNP 13.7
Perth and North Perthshire CC 37.10% Pete Wishart SNP 31964 Alexander Stewart Conservative 14044 John Myles UKIP 1250 SNP Hold 37.10% Pete Wishart SNP Re-elected Con to SNP 14.01
Banff and Buchan CC 39.57% Eilidh Whiteford SNP 26861 Alex Johnstone Conservative 11631 Sumon Hoque Labour 0 SNP Hold 39.57% Eilidh Whiteford SNP Re-elected Con to SNP 14.55
Moray CC 42.30% Angus Robertson SNP 27659 Douglas Ross Conservative 10300 Robert Scorer UKIP 2172 SNP Hold 42.30% Angus Robertson SNP Re-elected Con to SNP 14.34
Dundee East BC 52.55% Stewart Hosie SNP 27256 Lesley Brennan Labour 5931 Bill Bowman Conservative 5920 SNP Hold 52.55% Stewart Hosie SNP Re-elected Lab to SNP 24.03
Na h-Eileanan an Iar CC 65.67% Angus MacNeil SNP 11923 Alasdair Morrison Labour 2255 Mark Brown Conservative 545 SNP Hold 65.67% Angus MacNeil SNP Re-elected Lab to SNP 26.43