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Latest File Updates for 2005 General Election / subsequent by-elections

The latest UK-Elect election data update files are available here:  Download latest UK-Elect data updates  (last updated June 30th 2006). These files will work with all v6 Editions .

To use this update, simply unzip all of the files and copy into the \General subdirectory, which is found under the main directory in which UK-Elect v6.0 was installed.


Version 5.55 of UK-Elect (including enhancements aimed at improving forecasting  of the 2005 election) has now been completed and is available for purchase (see our UK-Elect Shop). Users of the UK-Elect v5.5 Professional and Multi-User Editions can request a free download link here - please specify your name and enough information to allow us to identify you (e.g. address or date of purchase).


UK-Elect v5.5 Manual

The UK-Elect Manual for v5.5 is now available for free download. If using some web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, it may be much faster to right click on the link and use the "Save As" option rather than attempting to view the PDF file from within the browser. Read or download the full manual (PDF format) from here:  UK-Elect v5.5 Manual [2.1 Mb]

If you need a suitable PDF viewer, go to the Adobe PDF Site and download the Adobe Acrobat Reader






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