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Constituency Candidate 1 Party 1 Votes 1 Candidate 2 Party 2 Votes 2 Candidate 3 Party 3 Votes 3 Gain Info Majority% Prev Winner Prev Win Party Incumbency Info
Aberavon CC Stephen Kinnock Labour 18090 Edward Yi He Conservative 4701 Peter Bush UKIP 4232 Lab Hold 43.24% Hywel Francis Labour Stood Down
Aberconwy CC Guto Bebb Conservative 11350 Mary Wimbury Labour 7952 Dafydd Meurig Plaid Cymru 5010 Con Hold 11.34% Guto Bebb Conservative Re-elected
Alyn and Deeside CC Mark Tami Labour 17473 Laura Knightly Conservative 13174 Blair Smillie UKIP 5536 Lab Hold 10.77% Mark Tami Labour Re-elected
Arfon CC Hywel Williams Plaid Cymru 9897 Alun Pugh Labour 8562 Anwen Barry Conservative 4402 PC Hold 5.12% Hywel Williams Plaid Cymru Re-elected
Blaenau Gwent CC Nick Smith Labour 21974 Susan Boucher UKIP 4899 Tracey West Conservative 2743 Lab Hold 52.70% Nick Smith Labour Re-elected
Brecon and Radnorshire CC Roger Williams Lib. Dem. 12508 Chris Davies Conservative 12412 Matthew Dorrance Labour 6066 LD Hold 0.25% Roger Williams Lib. Dem. Re-elected
Bridgend CC Madeleine Moon Labour 15442 Meirion Jenkins Conservative 11865 Caroline Jones UKIP 5005 Lab Hold 9.33% Madeleine Moon Labour Re-elected
Caerphilly CC Wayne David Labour 18859 Leo Docherty Conservative 6731 Rebecca Newton Plaid Cymru 6159 Lab Hold 31.34% Wayne David Labour Re-elected
Cardiff Central BC Jo Stevens Labour 12242 Jenny Willott Lib. Dem. 9382 Richard Hopkin Conservative 7462 Lab Gain From LD 7.96% Jenny Willott Lib. Dem. Defeated
Cardiff North BC Mari Williams Labour 19047 Craig Williams Conservative 17231 Ethan R Wilkinson UKIP 5489 Lab Gain From Con 3.83% Jonathan Evans Conservative Stood Down
Cardiff South and Penarth BC Stephen Doughty Labour 19225 Emma Warman Conservative 12442 John Rees-Evans UKIP 5487 Lab Hold 15.34% Stephen Doughty Labour Re-elected
Cardiff West BC Kevin Brennan Labour 18272 James Taghdissian Conservative 12111 Brian Morris UKIP 5093 Lab Hold 15.04% Kevin Brennan Labour Re-elected
Carmarthen East and Dinefwr CC Jonathan Edwards Plaid Cymru 14307 Calum Higgins Labour 10035 Matthew Paul Conservative 7767 PC Hold 11.22% Jonathan Edwards Plaid Cymru Re-elected
Carmarthen West and Pembrokeshire South CC Simon Hart Conservative 15589 Delyth Evans Labour 13266 Elwyn Williams Plaid Cymru 5551 Con Hold 5.66% Simon Hart Conservative Re-elected
Ceredigion CC Mark Williams Lib. Dem. 14075 Mike Parker Plaid Cymru 10186 Gethin James UKIP 4565 LD Hold 10.16% Mark Williams Lib. Dem. Re-elected
Clwyd South CC Susan Jones Labour 15033 David Nicholls Conservative 10534 Mandy Jones UKIP 4639 Lab Hold 12.97% Susan Elan Jones Labour Re-elected
Clwyd West CC David Jones Conservative 16861 Gareth Thomas Labour 10750 Marc Jones Plaid Cymru 5745 Con Hold 16.03% David Jones Conservative Re-elected
Cynon Valley CC Ann Clwyd Labour 16321 Cerith Griffiths Plaid Cymru 5658 Rebecca Rees-Evans UKIP 3814 Lab Hold 35.69% Ann Clwyd Labour Re-elected
Delyn CC David Hanson Labour 16445 Mark Isherwood Conservative 12921 Nigel Williams UKIP 4616 Lab Hold 9.53% David Hanson Labour Re-elected
Dwyfor Meirionnydd CC Liz Saville-Roberts Plaid Cymru 12820 Neil Fairlamb Conservative 6157 Mary Clarke Labour 4494 PC Hold 23.05% Elfyn Llwyd Plaid Cymru Stood Down
Gower CC Liz Evans Labour 17637 Byron Davies Conservative 13524 Colin Beckett UKIP 5148 Lab Hold 9.87% Martin Caton Labour Stood Down
Islwyn CC Chris Evans Labour 19099 Laura Jones Conservative 4979 Joe Smyth UKIP 4916 Lab Hold 40.70% Christopher Evans Labour Re-elected
Llanelli CC Nia Griffith Labour 16263 Vaughan Williams Plaid Cymru 10289 Selaine Saxby Conservative 5050 Lab Hold 15.95% Nia Griffith Labour Re-elected
Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney CC Gerald Jones Labour 15702 Bob Griffin Lib. Dem. 5001 Dave Rowlands UKIP 4638 Lab Hold 33.36% Dai Havard Labour Stood Down
Monmouth CC David Davies Conservative 22909 Ruth Jones Labour 13131 Gareth Dunn UKIP 5641 Con Hold 21.02% David Davies Conservative Re-elected
Montgomeryshire CC Glyn Davies Conservative 14889 Jane Dodds Lib. Dem. 7413 Des Parkinson UKIP 4438 Con Hold 22.11% Glyn Davies Conservative Re-elected
Neath CC Christina Rees Labour 18577 Daniel Thomas Plaid Cymru 7114 Richard Pritchard UKIP 5010 Lab Hold 30.88% Peter Hain Labour Stood Down
Newport East CC Jessica Morden Labour 14182 Natasha Asghar Conservative 8110 Paul Halliday Lib. Dem. 5680 Lab Hold 17.63% Jessica Morden Labour Re-elected
Newport West CC Paul Flynn Labour 18018 Nick Webb Conservative 13091 Gordon Norrie UKIP 5565 Lab Hold 12.40% Paul Flynn Labour Re-elected
Ogmore CC Huw Irranca-Davies Labour 20030 Jane March Conservative 5485 Glenda Marie Davies UKIP 4691 Lab Hold 41.98% Huw Irranca-Davies Labour Re-elected
Pontypridd CC Owen Smith Labour 15947 Ann-Marie Mason Conservative 5874 Mike Powell Lib. Dem. 5528 Lab Hold 27.47% Owen Smith Labour Re-elected
Preseli Pembrokeshire CC Stephen Crabb Conservative 17059 Paul Miller Labour 13064 Howard Lillyman UKIP 4678 Con Hold 10.09% Stephen Crabb Conservative Re-elected
Rhondda CC Chris Bryant Labour 18783 Shelley Rees-Owen Plaid Cymru 5506 Ron Hughes UKIP 3476 Lab Hold 42.73% Chris Bryant Labour Re-elected
Swansea East BC Carolyn Harris Labour 19466 Altaf Hussain Conservative 5277 Clifford Johnson UKIP 5077 Lab Hold 43.42% Sian James Labour Stood Down
Swansea West BC Geraint Davies Labour 14204 Emma Lane Conservative 7499 Chris Holley Lib. Dem. 6183 Lab Hold 18.84% Geraint Davies Labour Re-elected
Torfaen CC Nicklaus Thomas-Symonds Labour 19636 Graham Smith Conservative 8240 Ken Beswick UKIP 5615 Lab Hold 30.27% Paul Murphy Labour Stood Down
Vale of Clwyd CC Chris Ruane Labour 16569 James Davies Conservative 12804 Paul Davies-Cooke UKIP 4389 Lab Hold 10.60% Chris Ruane Labour Re-elected
Vale of Glamorgan CC Alun Cairns Conservative 19947 Chris Elmore Labour 16414 Ian Johnson Plaid Cymru 5332 Con Hold 7.14% Alun Cairns Conservative Re-elected
Wrexham CC Ian Lucas Labour 13523 Andrew Atkinson Conservative 8567 Niall Plevin-Kelly UKIP 4513 Lab Hold 15.03% Ian Lucas Labour Re-elected
Ynys Mon CC Albert Owen Labour 12952 John Rowlands Plaid Cymru 8930 Michelle Willis Conservative 7906 Lab Hold 11.68% Albert Owen Labour Re-elected