UK-Elect Beta Version

A Beta Version of UK-Elect is often available, and is always fully up to date. See here for details of any available Beta version: Latest UK-Elect Beta Version

UK Elect Trial Version

UK-Elect Trial Version

Note on Trial Version: This is a full copy of the UK-Elect v11.45 General Elections Edition (the last version before the 2019 General Election). Be aware that the Microsoft Web Browser control used as part of v11.45, although still functional, is now somewhat out of date so not all websites will be displayed correctly. The latest versions of UK-Elect use a much more modern control fully compatable with modern websites. If you would like to try a more up to date version of UK-Elect then a Beta version is often available from: Latest UK-Elect Beta Version

If a Beta version is not currently available,or you prefer to use the trial version, then it is available here: Download the UK-Elect Trial Version. Note: The download process requires a valid email address, but your details will never be shared, and you can unsubscribe from any of our mailing lists at any time.

UK-Elect Trial Version

For full details of additional functionality in the latest full version of UK-Elect, and any current special time-limited offers, see our online shop and the manual (available from the downloads page)



UK-Elect Trial Version

To sample the power of UK-Elect, try forecasting the 2019 General Election in 3 easy steps... (Maybe the result will be different!)

1. Download and install the UK-Elect Trial Version.

2. Select the "2017 UK General Election" option from the UK-Elect menu on the Windows Start/Programs menu

3. When UK-Elect has started, press the Green button on the main toolbar and fill in the details it requests!

For more advanced users, read the manual then adjust the map, filter and sort settings as desired. If the forecast results themselves aren't as desired then repeat the preceding steps, increasing the poll percentage for the most favoured party until an acceptable result (e.g. an absolute majority or your own election) is achieved. Alternatively, short-circuit this process by simply typing in the desired number of seats using the "Forecast / Match seats" option...

UK-Elect Trial Version


UK-Elect Trial Version

Two seconds with UK-Elect and the UK looks very different! (The party in second place in 2010)

UK-Elect is a very powerful forecasting and election analysis tool. But have fun using it!


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