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Highly Recommended UK Election Sites - our pick of some of the best election-related sites

  • UK Polling Report This site, from Anthony Wells of YouGov, is surely the best source of up-to-date information on UK opinion polls but contains much, much more, including a graphical swingometer and detailed General Election constituency information.
  • Political Betting Mike Smithson's site is a fantastic source of up-to-date information and discussion, both reasoned and ferocious. In its own words: "Britain's most read political blog."
  • Electoral Calculus Martin Baxter's enormously impressive site provides up to date forecasts using his own preferred technique (currently a variation of what UK-Elect calls the 'proportional loss with threshold' method) and allows website visitors to make their own instant General Election forecasts. The integration with online resources, google maps and constituency data is outstanding.
  • Elections etc. Stephen Fisher's site concentrates on forecasting the 2015 General Election. Stephen is a highly-respected academic who has done much research on many British election-related topics, including the way in which the support levels for the major British parties historically change, and are likely to change, in the run-up to General Elections.

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  • European Union Website Official European Union website, contains an enormous amount of information about the EU. Whatever you want to know about Europe, it's probably on that site!

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