UK-Elect v11.4 Beta 4 (September 30th 2019)

UK-Elect 11.4 includes the following enhancements compared to 11.3. Feedback on these enhancements (and any obvious bugs) is particularly welcome :

1. Party configuration (accessed from the Modify Parties option on the Edit menu, or the "Parties Brexit Config" button on the forecast configuration dialog) now includes "Leave Support %" and "Remain Support %". These represent the percentage of supporters of that party that are significantly inclined towards Leave or Remain. (The total of these two usually adds up to less than 100% as some supporters will be neutral or undecided or only care very slightly about Brexit. Surveys have shown that this value is non-zero for supporters of all parties, even the Brexit party.)

2. An option is provided on the forecasting menu to "Use Brexit Tactical Voting". If this is enabled then forecasting will assume that a percentage of people will vote tactically for either Leave or Remain supporting parties based on their stance on Brexit. The amount of this tactical voting will depend on the local constituency situation (whether inclined to leave or remain, and the anticipated margins between 1st, 2nd and 3rd parties) and on the overall Brexit importance to voters value (set by the option on the forecasting configuration dialog).

3. The default setting for overall Brexit importance to voters has been increased to 8/10 (extremely important).

To request a download link to the current Beta version simply email and we will provide you with a link to download a copy.

Note: the email address you use for this request will only be used for communications related to beta versions of UK-Elect and will not be passed on to third parties. This beta version will expire on October 21st 2019.

Beta feedback discount: For a substantial discount off all UK-Elect purchases simply provide feedback on the current UK-Elect Beta version to After processing your feedback we will provide you with a discount code whch you can use when ordering from our products page.

Note: For maximum discount please provide feedback before October 7th 2019.



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