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Constituency Candidate 1 Party 1 Votes 1 Candidate 2 Party 2 Votes 2 Candidate 3 Party 3 Votes 3 Gain Info Majority% Prev Winner Prev Win Party Incumbency Info
Barking BC Margaret Hodge Labour 28502 Mina Rahman Conservative 8368 Roger Gravett UKIP 6620 Lab Hold 44.40% Margaret Hodge Labour Re-elected
Battersea BC Jane Ellison Conservative 23758 Will Martindale Labour 19756 Christopher Howe UKIP 3153 Con Hold 8.20% Jane Ellison Conservative Re-elected
Beckenham BC Bob Stewart Conservative 28527 Marina Ahmad Labour 9690 Rob Bryant UKIP 4572 Con Hold 39.50% Bob Stewart Conservative Re-elected
Bermondsey and Old Southwark BC Neil Coyle Labour 16295 Simon Hughes Lib. Dem. 16074 Jean-Paul Floru Conservative 6997 Lab Gain From LD 0.49% Simon Hughes Lib. Dem. Defeated
Bethnal Green and Bow BC Rushanara Ali Labour 31439 Matthew Smith Conservative 8600 Pauline McQueen UKIP 4179 Lab Hold 45.02% PirateRushanara Ali Labour Stood Down
Bexleyheath and Crayford BC David Evennett Conservative 22054 Stefano Borella Labour 13980 Chris Attard UKIP 4746 Con Hold 18.70% David Evennett Conservative Re-elected
Brent Central BC Dawn Butler Labour 22297 Lauren Keith Lib. Dem. 13014 Alan Mendoza Conservative 5008 Lab Gain From LD 20.58% Sarah Teather Lib. Dem. Stood Down
Brent North BC Barry Gardiner Labour 28467 Luke Parker Conservative 16388 Alexander Alan Craig UKIP 3301 Lab Hold 23.10% Barry Gardiner Labour Re-elected
Brentford and Isleworth BC Ruth Cadbury Labour 23658 Mary Macleod Conservative 19503 Joseph Bourke Lib. Dem. 4827 Lab Gain From Con 7.69% Mary MacLeod Conservative Defeated
Bromley and Chislehurst BC Bob Neill Conservative 24573 John Courtneidge Labour 9936 Emmett Jenner UKIP 4323 Con Hold 33.23% Bob Neill Conservative Re-elected
Camberwell and Peckham BC Harriet Harman Labour 31403 Naomi Newstead Conservative 5920 Yahaya Kiyingi Lib. Dem. 3575 Lab Hold 54.61% Harriet Harman Labour Re-elected
Carshalton and Wallington BC Tom Brake Lib. Dem. 18513 Matthew Maxwell Scott Conservative 13428 Siobhan Tate Labour 6774 LD Hold 10.97% Tom Brake Lib. Dem. Re-elected
Chelsea and Fulham BC Greg Hands Conservative 24580 Alexandra Sanderson Labour 9844 Adrian Noble UKIP 2862 Con Hold 36.97% Greg Hands Conservative Re-elected
Chingford and Woodford Green BC Iain Duncan Smith Conservative 23454 Bilal Mahmood Labour 12579 Freddy Vachha UKIP 4103 Con Hold 25.23% Iain Duncan Smith Conservative Re-elected
Chipping Barnet BC Theresa Villiers Conservative 24945 Amy Trevethan Labour 15777 Victor Kaye UKIP 4235 Con Hold 18.12% Theresa Villiers Conservative Re-elected
Cities of London and Westminster BC Mark Field Conservative 19612 Nick Slingsby Labour 10470 Robert Stephenson UKIP 2725 Con Hold 24.75% Mark Field Conservative Re-elected
Croydon Central BC Sarah Jones Labour 20524 Gavin Barwell Conservative 19834 Peter Staveley UKIP 5412 Lab Gain From Con 1.38% Gavin Barwell Conservative Defeated
Croydon North BC Steve Reed Labour 33157 Vidhi Mohan Conservative 12016 Winston McKenzie UKIP 3599 Lab Hold 40.98% Steve Reed Labour Re-elected
Croydon South BC Chris Philp Conservative 28846 Emily Benn Labour 14568 Kathleen Garner UKIP 5591 Con Hold 25.35% Richard Ottaway Conservative Stood Down
Dagenham and Rainham BC Jon Cruddas Labour 20151 Julie Marson Conservative 14405 Tess Culnane British National Party 3992 Lab Hold 12.99% Jon Cruddas Labour Re-elected
Dulwich and West Norwood BC Helen Hayes Labour 25720 Resham Kotecha Conservative 10377 James Barber Lib. Dem. 5927 Lab Hold 31.82% Tessa Jowell Labour Stood Down
Ealing Central and Acton BC Rupa Huq Labour 19158 Angie Bray Conservative 17605 Jon Ball Lib. Dem. 5497 Lab Gain From Con 3.24% Angie Bray Conservative Defeated
Ealing North BC Stephen Pound Labour 27352 Thomas O'Malley Conservative 14520 Afzal Akram UKIP 3734 Lab Hold 26.91% Stephen Pound Labour Re-elected
Ealing, Southall BC Virendra Sharma Labour 25711 James Symes Conservative 12534 John Poynton UKIP 2364 Lab Hold 30.81% Virendra Sharma Labour Re-elected
East Ham BC Stephen Timms Labour 38240 Samir Jassal Conservative 7211 Daniel Oxley UKIP 2724 Lab Hold 61.60% Stephen Timms Labour Re-elected
Edmonton BC Kate Osamor Labour 23869 Gonul Daniels Conservative 11530 Neville Watson UKIP 3182 Lab Hold 30.56% Andy Love Labour Stood Down
Eltham BC Clive Efford Labour 20373 Spencer Drury Conservative 15647 Peter Whittle UKIP 4033 Lab Hold 11.26% Clive Efford Labour Re-elected
Enfield North BC Joan Ryan Labour 20319 Nick de Bois Conservative 17463 Deborah Cairns UKIP 4589 Lab Gain From Con 6.39% Nick de Bois Conservative Defeated
Enfield, Southgate BC David Burrowes Conservative 22256 Bambos Charalambous Labour 17028 David Schofield UKIP 2966 Con Hold 11.79% David Burrowes Conservative Re-elected
Erith and Thamesmead BC Teresa Pearce Labour 22441 Anna Firth Conservative 13109 Ronie Johnson UKIP 4313 Lab Hold 21.97% Teresa Pearce Labour Re-elected
Feltham and Heston BC Seema Malhotra Labour 25507 Simon Nayyar Conservative 16496 Peter Dul UKIP 4396 Lab Hold 18.56% Seema Malhotra Labour Re-elected
Finchley and Golders Green BC Sarah Sackman Labour 20008 Mike Freer Conservative 19859 Jonathan Davies Lib. Dem. 2708 Lab Gain From Con 0.32% Mike Freer Conservative Defeated
Greenwich and Woolwich BC Matthew Pennycook Labour 23907 Matt Hartley Conservative 10284 Ryan Acty UKIP 2824 Lab Hold 33.08% Nick Raynsford Labour Stood Down
Hackney North and Stoke Newington BC Diane Abbott Labour 29257 Amy Gray Conservative 6606 Simon de Deney Lib. Dem. 4274 Lab Hold 48.75% Diane Abbott Labour Re-elected
Hackney South and Shoreditch BC Meg Hillier Labour 27684 Jack Tinley Conservative 5733 Ben Mathis Lib. Dem. 3346 Lab Hold 51.22% Meg Hillier Labour Re-elected
Hammersmith BC Andy Slaughter Labour 24564 Charlie Dewhirst Conservative 16840 Richard Wood UKIP 3304 Lab Hold 16.28% Andy Slaughter Labour Re-elected
Hampstead and Kilburn BC Tulip Siddiq Labour 23248 Simon Marcus Conservative 16745 Maajid Nawaz Lib. Dem. 7750 Lab Hold 12.31% Glenda Jackson Labour Stood Down
Harrow East BC Uma Kumaran Labour 20705 Bob Blackman Conservative 19659 Aidan Powlesland UKIP 3821 Lab Gain From Con 2.18% Bob Blackman Conservative Defeated
Harrow West BC Gareth Thomas Labour 23231 Hannah David Conservative 16656 Mohammed Ali Bhatti UKIP 3484 Lab Hold 14.26% Gareth Thomas Labour Re-elected
Hayes and Harlington BC John McDonnell Labour 25813 Pearl Lewis Conservative 12138 Cliff Dixon UKIP 2899 Lab Hold 32.07% John McDonnell Labour Re-elected
Hendon BC Andrew Dismore Labour 21762 Matthew Offord Conservative 18453 Raymond Shamash UKIP 3594 Lab Gain From Con 7.18% Matthew Offord Conservative Defeated
Holborn and St Pancras BC Sir Keir Starmer Labour 29232 Will Blair Conservative 10956 Jill Fraser Lib. Dem. 7215 Lab Hold 33.44% Frank Dobson Labour Stood Down
Hornchurch and Upminster BC Angela Watkinson Conservative 28183 Paul McGeary Labour 14504 Lawrence Webb UKIP 5892 Con Hold 25.62% Angela Watkinson Conservative Re-elected
Hornsey and Wood Green BC Catherine West Labour 23376 Lynne Featherstone Lib. Dem. 17751 Suhail Rahuja Conservative 8367 Lab Gain From LD 10.18% Lynne Featherstone Lib. Dem. Defeated
Ilford North BC Lee Scott Conservative 21859 Wes Streeting Labour 18944 Philip Hyde UKIP 4093 Con Hold 6.20% Lee Scott Conservative Re-elected
Ilford South BC Michael Gapes Labour 29175 Christopher Chapman Conservative 13885 Amjad Khan UKIP 3999 Lab Hold 29.87% Mike Gapes Labour Re-elected
Islington North BC Jeremy Corbyn Labour 27278 Dr Alex Burghart Conservative 6063 Julian Gregory Lib. Dem. 5251 Lab Hold 47.62% Jeremy Corbyn Labour Re-elected
Islington South and Finsbury BC Emily Thornberry Labour 21574 Terry Stacy Lib. Dem. 8442 Dr Mark Lim Conservative 8262 Lab Hold 30.15% Emily Thornberry Labour Re-elected
Kensington BC Victoria Borwick Conservative 17699 Rod Abouharb Labour 11024 Jack Bovill UKIP 2682 Con Hold 18.99% Malcolm Rifkind Conservative Stood Down
Kingston and Surbiton BC Edward Davey Lib. Dem. 21349 James Berry Conservative 18702 Lee Godfrey Labour 9793 LD Hold 4.59% Edward Davey Lib. Dem. Re-elected
Lewisham East BC Heidi Alexander Labour 21482 Peter Fortune Conservative 9614 Julia Fletcher Lib. Dem. 5564 Lab Hold 28.44% Heidi Alexander Labour Re-elected
Lewisham West and Penge BC Jim Dowd Labour 21700 Russell Jackson Conservative 11278 Alex Feakes Lib. Dem. 6019 Lab Hold 23.15% Jim Dowd Labour Re-elected
Lewisham, Deptford BC Vicky Foxcroft Labour 25354 Bim Afolami Conservative 5396 John Coughlin Green 4187 Lab Hold 48.42% Joan Ruddock Labour Stood Down
Leyton and Wanstead BC John Cryer Labour 20897 Matthew Scott Conservative 8729 Carl Quilliam Lib. Dem. 5140 Lab Hold 30.30% John Cryer Labour Re-elected
Mitcham and Morden BC Siobhain McDonagh Labour 27457 Paul Holmes Conservative 10756 Richard Hilton UKIP 3783 Lab Hold 38.13% Siobhain McDonagh Labour Re-elected
Old Bexley and Sidcup BC James Brokenshire Conservative 26124 Ibrahim Mehmet Labour 11747 Catherine Reilly UKIP 4140 Con Hold 31.60% James Brokenshire Conservative Re-elected
Orpington BC Jo Johnson Conservative 30212 Nigel de Gruchy Labour 7285 Peter Brooks Lib. Dem. 4744 Con Hold 46.87% Joseph Johnson Conservative Re-elected
Poplar and Limehouse BC Jim Fitzpatrick Labour 25916 Chris Wilford Conservative 14720 Nicholas McQueen UKIP 3716 Lab Hold 23.97% Jim Fitzpatrick Labour Re-elected
Putney BC Justine Greening Conservative 21493 Sheila Boswell Labour 13624 Trish Ward UKIP 2874 Con Hold 19.29% Justine Greening Conservative Re-elected
Richmond Park BC Zac Goldsmith Conservative 30193 Robin Meltzer Lib. Dem. 16346 Sachin Patel Labour 6376 Con Hold 23.36% Zac Goldsmith Conservative Re-elected
Romford BC Andrew Rosindell Conservative 26667 Sam Gould Labour 11965 Gerard Batten UKIP 5653 Con Hold 31.63% Andrew Rosindell Conservative Re-elected
Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner BC Nick Hurd Conservative 29642 Michael Borio Labour 13020 Gerard Barry UKIP 4195 Con Hold 33.11% Nick Hurd Conservative Re-elected
Streatham BC Chuka Umunna Labour 23800 Amna Ahmad Lib. Dem. 9758 Kim Caddy Conservative 8242 Lab Hold 29.98% Chuka Umunna Labour Re-elected
Sutton and Cheam BC Paul Burstow Lib. Dem. 18363 Paul Scully Conservative 17326 Emily Brothers Labour 6340 LD Hold 2.14% Paul Burstow Lib. Dem. Re-elected
Tooting BC Sadiq Khan Labour 25642 Dan Watkins Conservative 19306 Przemek Skwirczynski UKIP 3428 Lab Hold 12.51% Sadiq Khan Labour Re-elected
Tottenham BC David Lammy Labour 27429 Stefan Mrozinski Conservative 5939 Tariq Saeed UKIP 2757 Lab Hold 52.82% David Lammy Labour Re-elected
Twickenham BC Vince Cable Lib. Dem. 25126 Tania Mathias Conservative 19682 Nick Grant Labour 7958 LD Hold 9.11% Vince Cable Lib. Dem. Re-elected
Uxbridge and South Ruislip BC Boris Johnson Conservative 22649 Chris Summers Labour 13590 Jack Duffin UKIP 4398 Con Hold 20.10% John Randall Conservative Stood Down
Vauxhall BC Kate Hoey Labour 24888 James Bellis Conservative 9208 Adrian Trett Lib. Dem. 4516 Lab Hold 36.30% Kate Hoey Labour Re-elected
Walthamstow BC Stella Creasy Labour 24518 Steven Cheung Lib. Dem. 5650 Molly Samuel-Leport Conservative 5454 Lab Hold 46.02% Stella Creasy Labour Re-elected
West Ham BC Lyn Brown Labour 33303 Festus Akinbusoye Conservative 6751 Jamie McKenzie UKIP 3417 Lab Hold 56.55% Lyn Brown Labour Re-elected
Westminster North BC Karen Buck Labour 20130 Lindsey Hall Conservative 15056 Nigel Sussman UKIP 2632 Lab Hold 12.81% Karen Buck Labour Re-elected
Wimbledon BC Stephen Hammond Conservative 23510 Andrew Judge Labour 13376 Shas Sheehan Lib. Dem. 4828 Con Hold 21.38% Stephen Hammond Conservative Re-elected