Latest UK-Elect Data Updates

The latest UK-Elect update is available here: Download updated files. They are updated to December 7th 2019 (Targetted at the 2019 UK GeneralElection - includes all by-election, candidate lists and local polling data updates.)

An update to UK-Elect v11.x Welsh Assembly data is available here: Download updated Welsh Assembly data files. This corrects an issue which can affect forecasting and display of Welsh Assembly seat totals when using some older UK-Elect Standard and Professional versions prior to v11.4.

UK-Elect Beta Version - Targetted at 12th December 2019 General Election

When available, the latest UK-Elect Beta Version is available for free download here: Latest UK-Elect Beta Version

UK-Elect Trial Version

The latest UK-Elect Free Trial Version is available here: Latest UK-Elect Free Trial Version

UK-Elect Manual

The latest UK-Elect Manual (last updated November 2019) is now available for free download. Read or download the full manual (PDF format) from here:  Latest UK-Elect Manual

The latest UK-Elect ReadMe file, with full details of what is new in the latest version can be downloaded here: ReadMe

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